“Shall I project a world? or The video theory project, or how I learned to love static …”/ Andreas Treske_20.02.2015/ 19:00

For years we were taught to analyse signals and audiovisual objects, films and tapes, define, search and catalog, categorise things, now it is finally time to take care of the noise. Let’s think about what was once called “static”. 
We are swimming in an ocean of video. What might look as bluish noise and dust from the far outside, might embed beautiful and fascinating living scapes of moving images, objects constantly changing, re-arranging, assembling, evolving, collapsing, but never disappearing, a real cinema.


Andreas Treske is an author, filmmaker, and media artist living in Turkey. He graduated from the University of Television and Film, Munich, where he also taught film and video post-production. He teaches in the Department of Communication and Design at Bilkent University, Ankara, visual communication and media production, incl. new media. He is a member of the video vortex network and corresponding member of CILECT, the world association of film schools.

Homepage: www.kasputnik.com

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