“Technological Displacement”/ Ayşegül Koç_18.02.2015/ 19:00

Digital Technologies reshape our sense of tempo-spatiality. Is contemporary life, where distances are shaped by global digital connectivities, apps and ‘irreversibly essential’ devices, an extension of trade routes, migrations and displacements from a historical perspective? This presentation serves as an invitation to think through the social and cultural aspects of technology while discussing an augmented reality installation Emanethane/The Coat Check (2011).


Ayşegül Koç has a PhD in Communication and Culture, with a specialization in Technology in Practice from York and Ryerson Universities, Toronto. She has researched and created two augmented reality installations at York University’s Future Cinema Lab: Elsewheres (2008) and Emanethane (2011). While social implications of new media and digital technologies are her focus, her specialty is digital narratives, interactive language and the influence of technology in tempo spatiality. Her doctoral dissertation has coined and probed the concept of technological displacement and discussed the notion of ‘being entrusted to technology’ in the context of digital environments.

Ayşegül Koç has an MA in Film from York University and a BA in Western Languages and Literature from Boğaziçi University.

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