“The Complex Expression of Digital Art: MediaArtHistories and its Impact on Archives and Humanities” by Oliver Grau

the talk will take place on 24th of January 2015 at 14:30 at Akbank Sanat

Oliver GRAU was appointed first Chair Professor for Image Science in the German speaking countries at the Department for Image Science at DanubeU in 2005. He has received several awards and his publications are translated in 13 languages. Grau’s book “Virtual Art”, 2003 is internationally the most quoted art history monography of the last decade (H-Index). Other publications: Mediale Emotionen (2005), MediaArtHistories (2007, Imagery in the 21st Century, 2011. His main research is in the history of media art, immersive images, emotion and immersion, the history of telepresence and artificial life and digital humanities.

Grau gave keynotes at conferences worldwide, including the Olympic Games and the G-20 Summit and was founding director of the MediaArtHistories Conference Series. He conceived new scientific tools for image science, a.o. the first international archive for digital art (ADA, since 1999) www.digitalartarchive.at Since 2005 Grau is also head of the Goettweig’s Graphic Print archive www.gssg.at Grau is editorial board member of international journals. 2001 he was among the first elected members of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Science. 2014 he received a doctor h.c.

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