“Visual Exploratory Tools for Social Networks and Storyline Generation”/ Selim Balcısoy_14.01.2015/ 19:00

I will present tools offering a new way of analyzing a novel or a social network in terms of storyline, characters, locations and taking consideration of relations between all of them.  One tool is focusing on a novel visualization approach that depicts both relational and statistical information of evolving social structures. It can save significant amount of time for creating editorial and narrative works such as the input data for storyline visualizations, creating infographics or reviewing a book draft.
About the Speaker: Dr. Selim Balcisoy received his PhD on Computer Science in 2001 from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne (EPFL). Between 2001 and 2004 he was Senior Research Engineer at Nokia Research Center Dallas. Dr. Balcisoy co-authored over 50 publications and has been granted with one U.S. patent. His research interests are augmented reality, data visualization and cultural heritage. He is an Associated Professor at Sabanci University, Istanbul since 2004 and founded VisioThink, a spatial business intelligence company in 2006.

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