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    YAZILI BASIN 17.12.2014 Alem Ek Düzensiz Yeni Medya Sanatı Akbank Sanat Sergi “Dijital Sonrası Tarihçeler: 1960’lar ve 1970’lerin Medya Sanatından” 20.12.2014 Daily Sabah Haftada 6 Gün A New Exhibition At Akbank Sanat Beyoğlu Focuses On The Birth Of Read more ›


“Technological Displacement”/ Ayşegül Koç_18.02.2015/ 19:00

Digital Technologies reshape our sense of tempo-spatiality. Is contemporary life, where distances are shaped by global digital connectivities, apps and ‘irreversibly essential’ devices, an extension of trade routes, migrations and displacements from a historical perspective? This presentation serves as an Read more ›