“Shall I project a world? or The video theory project, or how I learned to love static …”/ Andreas Treske_20.02.2015/ 19:00

For years we were taught to analyse signals and audiovisual objects, films and tapes, define, search and catalog, categorise things, now it is finally time to take care of the noise. Let’s think about what was once called “static”. We are swimming in an Read more ›

From the press and media

    YAZILI BASIN 17.12.2014 Alem Ek Düzensiz Yeni Medya Sanatı Akbank Sanat Sergi “Dijital Sonrası Tarihçeler: 1960’lar ve 1970’lerin Medya Sanatından” 20.12.2014 Daily Sabah Haftada 6 Gün A New Exhibition At Akbank Sanat Beyoğlu Focuses On The Birth Of Read more ›


“Technological Displacement”/ Ayşegül Koç_18.02.2015/ 19:00

Digital Technologies reshape our sense of tempo-spatiality. Is contemporary life, where distances are shaped by global digital connectivities, apps and ‘irreversibly essential’ devices, an extension of trade routes, migrations and displacements from a historical perspective? This presentation serves as an Read more ›

Audio narration

To have a walk through with  narration please start with NixMur (the installation opposite to the entrance of the 1st floor) press the play button below, and continue from the right… It lasts 34 minutes. Darko Fritz explaining the works…